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Escitalopram Oxalate

A: get to your physician man.Its dangerous to get info from amateurs.

Q: What is the effect of the tablet Escitalopram oxalate?
Why is it given to the patients?

A: The brand name for this product is Lexapro and it is generally used for depression, but can also be used for a host of other things, including anxiety disorders. It falls into the category of SSRI (Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor)

Q: Does Escitalopram oxalate tablet cause sleep?
What are the sideeffects of this tablet?

A: Most SSRIs cause drowsiness and Escitalopram is no different. It also can cause nausea and gastrointestinal problems.

Q: can anti depressants and anxiety medicenes like escitalopram oxalate and clonazepam cause withdrawal symptems
can anti depressants and anxiety medicenes like escitalopram oxalate and clonazepam cause withdrawal symptems like stiff neck and headaches after six months of stopping them

A: Yes, clonazepam can cause many withdrawl syptoms.

Q: My doctor prescibed me escitalopram oxalate 10mg to quit smoking marijuarna is there anything i need to know a?
I have been smoking marijuarna for the last 5yrs. My doctor prescribed me escitalopram oxalate 10mg to help me quit. Is there anything i need to know.
i know marijuarna is not adictive but cause i have smoke for so long its a habit i think he gave me these for anxiety.
and if i do smoke marijuarna when taking it what will it do to me. Will i be extra high
oh he also gave me TEMAZE 10mg

A: Yeah, don’t take it. Your doctor is an idiot!
Edit- He/she gave you anti-depressants so that you stop smoking trees which is NOT smart because the anti-depressants he/she prescribed to you wil do you a lot more harm that the trees will do to you.
I know how much it SUCKS when you have to stop smoking after a long peroid of time that you’ve been doing it every day several times a day. It sucks soooo bad & all you can do is think about how great it would be if you could smoke right now i know but the anti-Ds your doctor gave you will not make things any better this is just one drug to cover up another & that’s not so smart. I know that the difference for you may be that you need to be able to focus & you can do that better with anti-Ds maybe you need to go to work, or school, or wherever it may be, somewhere that requires focus & not being “high” to do..idk why it is that you’re quitting but i can tell you that nothing can be weed,& nothing can take the place of the high weed gave you. Anti-Ds will just get you hooked on the man made stuff & will be a worse choice in the long run. I guess what i’m trying to say is they won’t do what they’re ment to do which is help you to quit weed.
Sorry this kinda feels like a long rant i just can’t seem to express my point to you effectively for some reason today…but i hope that at least you get the gist! Haha

As for if you will be higher if you take them both together uhm yeah weed enhances the effects of other drugs so most likely you will..haha
Peace <2

Q: Doctors pls tell what r this tabs use for FLUOXETINE UPS 20MG & ESCITALOPRAM OXALATE 10MG ?
Well I’ve been given this tabs by a DR but the doctor I consultant she didn’t listen to my problems properly so i want to know what this tabs in detail and pls let me also know if i can take alcohol with it

A: If you simply search the drug names you will get your answers. Both of these drugs are SSRI. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. Essentially these drugs limit the re uptake of the chemical manufactured by your brain called Serotonin. They are both used to to treat clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Are you taking them at the same time together or did she give you just one of these?

It is advised that you do not drink alcohol with these drugs, they can cause drowsiness, and may increase the symptoms that got you on these drugs in the first place. You can also increase your chances of serotonin toxicity which can be fatal.

Q: can escitalopram oxalate 10mg cause addiction.?
please tell me if daily intake of this medicine 10mg tab cause addiction,and does it effects the sexual behaviour of a person.

A: No it will not cause addiction. It is an antidepressant and it does affect levels of dopamine. It has relatively no action on the reward pathways in the brain. It will not cause addiction.

Now for sexual activity, anti-deps are known to mess with libido. SSRIs particularly can lower one’s libido. Only Wellbutrin doesn’t seem to have this effect. But from experience I can say that with Escitalopram, it has the best side-effects profile amongst SSRI anti-depressants and it affects libido (sex drive) the *least*. However, please bear in mind that everybody responds differently to drugs.

Hope this helps

Q: Is “escitalopram oxalate” a “MAOI”?
anybody know? thanks.

A: Escitalopram oxalate, better known by its common name Lexapro, is a type of antidepressant called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which is used to treat depression, anxiety disorders, and some personality disorders.

MAOIs, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, are different compounds that are used to treat atypical and severe depressions as a last resort when selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as escitalopram oxalate are unsuccessful.

So both are different classes of compounds, but are used to treat the same thing.

Q: When taking (Ciraplex) Escitalopram oxalate tablets (antidepressant) should I take it at the same time every d?
at the same time every day?
Today the second day I took it 2 hours too late.
though I read on the paper just now (the one inside the box)
to take the pill the next day when it’s due.
Though it didn’t say when.
The doctor gave me 14 sample pills so I hadn’t gave a subscription yet.
I am not sure if he did or didn’t tell me when to take it.
He did say (and so do the instructions) that I can take it with or without food or water.

This drugs is an anti deppresent and helps with generalized anxiety.
I did read the instructions! All of it!! I just don’t remember what he told me. What I am taking is a sample. Given by the psychiatrist.
the instructions said to take it with or without food. There is only ONE dosage. I stay on it and I will feel the effects over time (a long while). It said that I can take it with or without water.
and the perscription is yet to be used.

A: Okay, well if the instructions say something like “take one pill daily” – you would probably do well to take it ONCE in a 24-hour period. Otherwise, you’re overdosing AND under dosing your body. Example – say you’re supposed to take it once a day and you started taking it at 6p last night. Today, it’s 8p and you realized that you forgot to take your pill. Now you’re underdosed because there’s two hours when there was no medication working at all. So you take the pill. Everything is fine. Tomorrow you take the pill at 6p on the dot. Now you overdosed because you took another pill in under 24 hours. And for at least the next two hours you’ll have twice as much medication as was prescribed.

Whenever I have to take a daily pill I treat it like birth control pills – take them the same time every day. Usually during a morning or nightly routine so that I won’t forget. If you choose to do it in the morning – put the pills in the bathroom cabinet where you keep your toothpaste so that you can’t help but to see it and take it before you start brushing your teeth. If you choose to do it at night, after work, put it right on the stand where you put your watch or near the phone where you check your messages (or anywhere that you are inclined to go to on a nightly basis) so you can see it and take it right away.Whatever you choose just be consistent.

Q: can i use clonazepam with escitalopram oxalate for my depresion and anxiety?
i have been prescribed above mentioned medications for anxiety and depresion

A: If they were prescribed for that, then why not? The doctor and pharmacist should have notified you of any possible drug interactions if there were any.

Q: can i take clonzapam 4mg with 1 beer?
i am on nexito plus medication( escitalopram oxalate 40mg+ clonzapam 4mg) can i drink one beer?

if it gives me only sedation no problem… it won’t kill me na?

A: I am pretty sure that you were told not, decided to have a beer with it anyway and only look for answers that tell you that you can do it….so no matter who tells you what, you already decided to do this…..

Q: Missing 2 citalopram doses, will it harm me?
I ran out yesterday, and as i usually take them at night there was nothing i could do. I was supposed to go and pick up my prescription this afternoon but have been so rushed off my feet I forgot again :S I can (hopefully) go and pick it up tomorrow morning but will it harm me not taking it twice in a row? I am on 20mg a day. My auntie has given me some of her tablets which are escitalopram oxalate (cipralex) which I am not sure to take. Any advice would be grateful :)

A: Missing two doses will not physically harm you. However, you may find that you are more anxious or depressed than normal, because the therapeutic level of the drug has dropped in your body (and therefore it isn’t doing its job). Once you begin to take the citalopram regularly again, you will begin to feel back to normal. DO NOT double up; you are on 20mg because that is the correct dose for you, any more is too much for you.

Also, DO NOT take your aunt’s medication. Escitalopram oxalate is a completely different medication, you will likely react differently to it; and it may not even work for relieving your symptoms, or you may have side effects or adverse reactions.

It is always best to not skip doses of this medication. This is not because it will harm you, but because the more doses you skip, the lower the therapeutic level of the drug in your bloodstream is, and the less likely it is to work well for you.

Personally, I find if I skip a dose, I experience anxiety that I would not had I taken my dose. You need to continuously supply your body with the medication to keep the levels stable.

Best of luck to you.

Q: Starving yourself and taking pills?
What happens when your starve yourself but decide to take a escitalopram oxalate pill each day? Won’t you eventually die? I mean you aren’t getting anything but pills in your system…

A: Yes you will die and damage your body. Being without any food in just 24 hours you body’s metabolism starts to slow down to protect the vital organs, brain, heart, liver…etc. Then it starts to feed on the muscles, not fat. Fat is important to the body that why we gain so much of it when we over eat.

Ingesting pills instead of real food is setting yourself up for unintended consequences.

Q: Will Lexapro cause weight gain?
just wondering, im taking lexapro for depression and wondering will this increase weight? My next visit to the doctor aint for a month and am just wondering.

escitalopram oxalate

Ty all, i could do with some weight gain.

was 74 kilos until depression wiped a year off my life hit 60 kilos or about 130 lbs which was mostly muscle lose.

on 5% body fat now, (need some fat) so look forward to this side effect.

thank you.

A: hmm, i think it may actually cause weight LOSS
im not sure if im thinking of the right name though..
ill check and edit :)

*sorry, i was thinking of a different one! i looked it up, and yes, it MAY cause weight gain, but sie effects vary from person to person :)

Q: social anxiety… medicines dont work? and general advice…?
i’ve been aware of my social anxiety for 5 years now. i thought id be able to figure it out myself, until i realized i needed help

so a lil over a year ago, i went to the counsellor… basically he didn’t help me at all…

I did end up going to a psychiatrist, and have been seeing him for lil over 6mths now. he’s given me escitalopram oxalate tablets (called Nexito), and i visit him once every 2-3 weeks… was taking 10mg, then 15, and now back to 10.

so my point is… i feel like i haven’t improved at all. the meds have had no effect. i still cant talk to people. i’m living alone, no one knows im taking meds, nor can i tell anyone about it. Wondering if i should continue seeing the psychiatrist. i dont feel he’s helped me much.

feel like i’m losing hope, bcoz i really have been trying. besides i guess loneliness is really creeping in…away from home, never dated, cant talk to people. it was super difficult to approach a psychiatrist, and now i feel im left helpless. any advice?

A: SSRI are known to be very ineffective for social anxiety ( ) . However this is only the case if the social anxiety is the ONLY problem.

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is an extremely effective method if conducted correctly. That is, if your therapist is an expert in giving this.

Your psychiatrist should have started giving/suggesting CBT before or at least in combination with the medication. The fact that your psychiatrist has only given you medication is very bad.

On the other hand CBT already requires a level of social interaction that may be too much at this stage. You may need to ask for other meds or to increase them. But in the end only CBT can help.

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